Montegut Elementary School

Positive Behavior Support (PBIS)

What is PBIS?

PBIS is a strategy used in schools to encourage appropriate social behavior in children. The research behind PBIS strategies shows that rewarding positive behavior is a much better way to get children to develop good behavior habits and better social skills. To reinforce PBIS, students learn simple catch phrases that help to remind them of the high expectations teachers have for them at school.

Our PBIS motto is:



By following these school guidelines, students can earn cub cash. Cub cash can be used to purchase the privileges listed on the menu at the bottom of this page.

Parents: This part of the PBIS page shows some rewards students might earn with cub cash.

  • Sample Cub Cash Menu (This may be different at each grade level.)


______Free Concession Stand snack pass           5 Cub Cash

______Homework Pass                                           7 Cub Cash

______Eat lunch with a friend pass                       8 Cub Cash

______Computer free time pass                           8 Cub Cash

______Dry erase board at lunch pass                   8 Cub Cash

______Dress down pass                                         10 Cub Cash

______Wear a hat pass                                          10 Cub Cash

______Snack in a sack pass                                  10 Cub Cash

          (Snack in a sack guidelines:  maximum of 3 snacks; can

be combination of sweet, salty, and/or juice or water)

MES PBIS Book of Products and Handbook

You can view our entire positive behavior plan here.