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Vision for Success

Montegut Elementary School has adopted a growth mindset for our students, faculty, and stakeholders. We will use our past performance data to grow in student knowledge and achievement so that student learning can reach its maximum level for all students. We will employ a standards-based curriculum to focus on continued growth for all students, as well as high behavioral expectations, in order to prepare them for the next stage in the journey to college and career readiness.



School Goals:

  1. Our 2017–2018 School Performance Score will grow at least 5 points from our 2016-17 score.
  2. Students will enter Kindergarten ready to learn.
  3. Students will be proficient in basic literacy skills in Grades K through 2.
  4. Students will master skills (at least 75% of students) on state assessments in English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies in Grades 3 – 8.
  5. Students will be at the appropriate college and career readiness levels (at least 85%) in reading and math upon moving to the next school
  6. Students will be at the appropriate age upon moving to the next school.

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

MES Cubs are Safe, Respectful, and Responsible!


  • Cubs will earn tickets for showing these characteristic in different areas of the school.
  • All adults will reward students who show behaviors aligned with these characteristics with a cub cash.
  • Students will save their cub cash and redeem the cub cash by completing an order form.
  • Students will turn in their order forms to their homeroom teachers.
  • Homeroom teachers will submit order forms to the PTC volunteers who will provide the tickets to homeroom teachers to distribute.

Rewards that can be purchased with cub cash include such items as:

  • Dress down pass
  • Snack in a sack pass
  • Free snack pass
  • Principal helper pass
  • Extra recess pass
  • Other rewards

Mission, Motto, Mascot, Colors

Mission for Success

We believe in ourselves and work hard to achieve success.

School Motto:

Believe, Achieve, Succeed!

School Mascot: Bear Cub

School Colors/ Uniform colors: Royal Blue and White