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Expectations for School Areas


Behavioral Settings Matrix - GROW







Follow procedures


Respect other students; respect teachers

Take responsibility for what you do or don’t do

Work hard

Hallways, sidewalks, stairs

Keep pride in school in mind when moving between places

Keep our school clean

Report anything you see wrong

Demonstrate good conduct at all times


Throw away your trash and keep restroom areas clean

Use safe bathroom behavior for yourself and for others

Report anything you see wrong

Demonstrate good bathroom manners

Indoor recess

Speak with an indoor voice

Give others around you space to sit

Clean up your trash and spills

Be flip and zip when the bell rings

Outdoor recess

Spend at least part of your recess having fun with others

Play without pushing or injuring others

Throw your trash in the trash cans

Freeze when the bell rings


Ride in a way that gets you and your friends home safely

Listen to the bus driver and follow all bus rules

Keep your seat clean and pick up any trash

Help others to stay seated and follow bus rules


Eat your fruits and veggies for a healthy lunch

Respect teachers, food workers, and others

Keep your area clean; clean up your spilled food

Help others to follow the rules of the cafeteria

School events

Be aware of what you can learn during different events

Follow directions; respect teachers, parents, students

Participate to the best of your ability

Work hard to do the best you can